Looking Ahead to 2018

Do you wonder what life would be like without a reliable, affordable public transit connection between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor? Do you wonder how cruise ship activity affects Frenchman Bay and its inhabitants? Or are you simply fascinated by the idea that public transportation could also be a platform for science, education and research?

At the Schoodic Ferry, we aspire to be an invisible bridge across the Bay, connecting the Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor communities so that both can flourish and grow. Community support like yours literally keeps our research programs and ferry service afloat, so please consider donating today.

How you can help
  • Contribute $5, $10, $25, $50, or even $100 towards helping us make the Schoodic Ferry service accessible to all passengers. Any amount is truly appreciated, and helps us continue this important community service.
  • Tell others about our need. The more people that are aware how much help is needed, the more likely it is we will be able to meet our repair goals.
  • Consider volunteering. In addition to funding, it will require effort to convert the Schoodic Ferry into an ADA-accessible vessel. Consider giving us a hand!

Help us show the world the difference one big yellow boat can make!

Providing affordable, sustainable public marine transportation to the Frenchman Bay community while simultaneously conducting marine monitoring studies.

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88 Sargent St, Winter Harbor, ME


105 Eden St, Bar Harbor, ME