Frenchman Bay Research Boating

Our first ferry, the Schoodic Ferry, combines affordable passenger/bicycle public transit while supporting baseline data collection for transect-based oceanographic assessments of Frenchman Bay between ports. We partner with local and international scientists to develop and conduct long-term marine mammal, pelagic bird, bait fish, plankton, and oceanographic surveys, helping the Frenchman Bay community develop an ecosystem level understanding of the Bay and its inhabitants.

Redefining the Ferry Experience

The Schoodic Ferry purposefully combines baseline environmental monitoring research directly into our passenger service – resulting in unique opportunities to observe, participate in, and interact with working scientists. We are excited to host international Protected Species Observer Clare Echlin aboard in June and July 2017. Clare has worked in Europe and Africa, and will be making her U.S. debut aboard the Schoodic Ferry, conducting twice daily marine mammal and pelagic bird visual surveys. In addition, marine scientist Sarah Markwood will return in August to continue her crustacean larval surveys, while in-house captain/scientist Kaitlyn Mullen will be developing and piloting the Schoodic Ferry’s new physical oceanographic surveys throughout the season.

woman tying the schoodic ferry to a dock
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How Your Donation Helps

In 2016, our innovative Schoodic Ferry service transported 6,606 one-way passengers and 1,286 one-way bicycles, provided boat rides for over 100 Maine 4th graders as part of Acadia’s Centennial programs, matched 9 local 4th-9th grade students with working marine science mentors, provided rides to work for 12 weekly commuters, and began twice weekly marine mammal monitoring surveys – all of which would not have been possible without your support!

Donations literally help keep our research and ferry services afloat! Please consider assisting our efforts to get the Schoodic Ferry ready to continue working in 2017.

New Docks for the Schoodic Ferry on Crowdrise

Providing affordable, sustainable public marine transportation to the Frenchman Bay community while simultaneously conducting marine monitoring studies.


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